About Sarah.

Hello, my name is Sarah and I love to travel and co-create adventures!

Welcome to my travel blog. I’m so glad you found me. Thank you for dropping in.

I’m feeling a tad awkward describing myself on this ‘About Sarah’ page. Words I could use are artist, co-creator, intuitive healer, humanitarian, musician, nature-lover, traveller and writer. That’s because in the western world we are preoccupied with defining ourselves by what we do, not really WHO WE ARE. Now, if you happen to be passing through a village somewhere in Africa or Papua New Guinea, for example, identity is defined in a different way. It’s all about your lineage and which clan or tribe you belong to, basically your roots. So here goes…

My roots extended deep down into the earth in 1970, having chosen my parents, Kate and Sean, who waited patiently for me to show up. Our family, although small, is an interesting mix of Maltese, English and Irish lineage. My clan is called Packwood, and my tribe, well, what can I say? I feel that I belong to the worldwide family of humanity, so I am a global citizen and quite, inherently nomadic by nature. I caught the adventure bug at a young age when I used to go fishing in the River Itchen or make dens in the woods near my family home in the pretty village of Long Itchington, Warwickshire, UK, where I grew up. Well, actually, to tell the truth I haven’t really grown up at all but shhhh…don’t tell anyone.

From family days out to zoos, stately homes, historic castles and enchanting gardens to summer holidays, exploring rock pools, caves and beaches in South Wales, the South Coast and Cornwall, I developed an insatiable curiosity about the world around me. My first trip abroad was a school exchange visit to Germany in 1987 when I was seventeen. University days took me to the mountains of Austria, followed by inter-railing around Europe and a research visit to a semi-arid zone in Kenya, where the essence of Africa captured my heart.

A couple of years later, in 1995, I returned to Africa to volunteer as a humanitarian aid worker in the refugee camps, following the genocide in Rwanda and found my vocation in life. During the last twenty years, I have had the privilege to work for a variety of Non-Governmental Organisations and United Nations agencies in over twenty countries. I continued to travel in my ‘spare time’, so between work and leisure, I have sojourned in over fifty countries.

Last year, 2015, marked a pivotal stage in my life.  I met my partner, Brett, at a bus stop and a few months later I lost my mum to terminal cancer. To cope with the grief that engulfed me, I decided to walk el Camino de Santiago (or the Way of St. James) in memory of her and set off for St. Jean de Pied Port in the French Pyrenees in September, carrying all I needed on my back.  I began this blog as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and experiences along the Way as it was such a profound and life changing journey for me.

Brett and I at Draycote Water, Warwickshire.

When I came back home to the UK, I quit my job and put my London flat up for sale. I joined Brett on the beautiful yacht Theros in Salt Spring Island, Canada, where  he proposed and I accepted. After selling my flat, we got married and  we will begin our adventures on the high seas together, interspersed with a few more on dry land, like long walks (including more Caminos) and bike rides!

Brett’s beautiful yacht, Theros, our mobile home!

You are welcome to journey with us as I share our adventures with you in this space by clicking on the follow button to get my travel blog updates directly in your inbox. Alternatively join us in person when we take charters aboard Theros from 2017 for different legs of our round the world voyage.

So feel free to clamber aboard, don your life jacket and enjoy the ride!

Drop me a line if you like. Maybe we will meet one day, at a magical place befitting of a global citizen and traveller’s co-created imagination…

Until then, sending you peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

13 thoughts on “About Sarah.

  1. In all my life I have never met a woman more interesting and spell binding. Sarah has a heart as large as the moon and as bright as the sun and stars all together. Through her life she has done more for people around the world than can be fathomed. She is the true Humanitarian. One of the many parts of a truly amazing woman…

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  2. Hello Sarah, how nice to find you on the internet and what a beautiful blog. I enjoy reading about your camino – it is, like its author, most inspiring and thoughtprovoking. I wanted to wish you every blessing on the remainder of your journey, and on the next one!
    Luc Boutsen


      1. Hi Sarah, congratulations on completing your camino! You must have so many memories to cherish and lots of wisdom and knowledge picked up along the way. It is great to see you sharing your experience so eloquently on here. I am fine thanks 🙂 I look forward to reading about your next adventures! Luc

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    1. Hi Nate, Thanks for your kind comments. Yes indeed it is great to find like-minded folk ,who are making a transition from frontline aid to being co-creative solo-preneurs. Keep in touch and maybe we can co-create something in the future! Peace.


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